About our Firm

Pucks Glen

Image by Ronnie Cairns

Welcome to Corrigall Black: A Legacy of Legal Excellence Since 1998.

At Corrigall Black, we bring together a rich history of legal expertise that spans decades, with roots tracing back to the early 20th century. Our firm was born from the merger of two esteemed legal practices – Corrigall Ritchie & McLean, founded by Mr. R.S. Corrigall over a century ago, and Elspeth C. Black & Co., established in 1987. With a deep commitment to serving the people of Dunoon and Argyll, we have been a steadfast presence in the community, providing invaluable legal services that have stood the test of time.

Our journey began in November 1998 when we united these two firms, combining their legacies and strengths to create Corrigall Black. With an unwavering dedication to the Cowal area, we specialize in a comprehensive range of legal services that cater to the unique needs of our clients.